Assessment Centers

Oral Board Interviews

This testing method employs the typical in-person interview panel technique and uses custom-designed questions and scenarios concerning qualifications, managerial and leadership skills, administrative competency, and technical skills to ascertain the candidate’s depth of knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience required for the position being tested. Questions and scenarios are prepared to match the specific need or skills and abilities of the position based on the position description and job analysis. A summary report on the candidate’s demonstrated knowledge and performance is provided. 

Assessment Center Testing

This is the most detailed and comprehensive test of all testing methods. Moreover, OFCA’s assessment services include the exercises that most national personnel groups and universities consider necessary for a valid experience. Our assessment center is custom-designed and simulates the position to which they are to be promoted. It evaluates the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position in an objective manner. In preparation for the test, a thorough examination of the job description and job analysis is completed of the position before preparing the test. Test results include a score, percentage, and a profile of each candidate’s performance in all of the evaluative areas that detail each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. 

For further information on Oral Board Interviews and Assessment Center Testing, please contact:

Retired Chief Mark Burgess
Phone:  419.651.7592

Fire Chief Selection Process

The OFCA provides assistance to all sizes and types of departments in the search and/or selection of new Fire Chiefs, and Executive and Administrative Officers. With our experience and attention to detail, we are able to streamline and coordinate search efforts to identify the best candidate for your organization. Our services are designed to be customized for any type of organization; municipal, township, or fire district, and any type of structure; volunteer, career, or combination department.

For those departments that want to recruit candidates from outside and within the department, we provide a position profile development and advertisement preparation process. A variety of methods are used, such as a detailed questionnaire, to ascertain the required skills and abilities for the position. From that input, a profile provides a description of skills and experience the new officer should possess; i.e. accomplishments and expertise, leadership, knowledge, training and education. From this profile an advertisement for the position is prepared. Using the OFCA Magazine, Web Page, and local media, a large number of qualified applicants can be realized. 

All applicants/resumes for the position are handled by the OFCA. Any questions or additional information requests are properly handled and responses and ending dates are monitored and controlled. All applicants’ resumes are reviewed and ranked based on the criteria of the advertisement. 

The OFCA also offers to facilitate Oral Board interviews, and conduct Assessment Center Testing for the most qualified applicants. This process assists the local government in narrowing the field of qualified applicants to a select group of finalists who truly can demonstrate the necessary skills and abilities for the position

For further information, please contact:

Retired Chief Frank Cook
Phone: 513-615-3031