Blue Card

The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association can now bring the Certification Simulation to you. Thanks to a Motorola Foundation Grant, we can take the necessary equipment on the road to you, eliminating lodging, food and travel expenses for your members. We will need at least one training room and an office to conduct the lab.

Once your members successfully complete the Blue Card Command Hazard Zone Management online program, they are eligible for the evaluation/testing phase of the program. It is recommended that eight students participate in the 24-hour evaluation lab.

Each participant will go through a series of simulations and multiple role assignment tests. During the simulations, the assigned role will be documented through a series of programmed check offs.

The evaluation portion incorporates these elements from the online program:

  • Standard Eight Functions of Command
  • Regional Standard Operating Procedures
  • Tactical Operations Templates for Five Occupancy Types
  • High Fidelity Structure Fire Simulations

NOTE:  If you are already working with a Blue Card Instructor, they can contact the OFCA Office and coordinate your lab. If you are not working with one, contact the OFCA Office at 614.410.6322 or 800.347.3704 or and they will send you a contact list of Blue Card Instructors.

Price is $250 rental per case. If you have your own instructors, we only charge for the cases and any shipping charges.

If instructors are needed, the base fee charged for the Blue Card 3 day simulation certification lab is $2,500.00 plus shipping. This price includes 2 instructors. If an additional instructor is needed with a maximum of 10 students, it’s $35 per hour for 24 instructional hours or $840 total. The host agency is responsible for instructor's overnight accommodations and expenses if the instructor is not local.

CLICK HERE for a Blue Card Command Overview.

CLICK HERE for an overview of the 3-Day Certification Lab.