Scholarship applications for 2025 are currently being accepted. The deadline to apply is September 13, 2024.

(NOTE: Scholarships are awarded annually. Past recipients are eligible to re-apply annually. To apply for any of the below scholarships (except the OFE Alumni Association Scholarship), download the attached form, Master Scholarship Application, complete it and return to the Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association office no later than September 13, 2024. The OFE Alumni Scholarship application is contained within the paragraph describing the scholarship.)

The purpose of the Ohio Fire and Emergency Services Foundation is to promote professional development and provide education and training for fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency management and other areas of public safety for Ohio's fire, emergency medical service and emergency response officers and members. As such, the Foundation offers the following scholarship opportunities:

Dominion Foundation OFE Scholarships

These scholarships are available through the generous donation of The Dominion Foundation and must be applied to the Ohio Fire Executive Program. Each scholarship is worth $1,500 per session. (There are two sessions each of the first two years of the OFE program and one session the final year.) Scholarships will be based upon leadership abilities, financial need and academic capabilities. A limited number of scholarships are available to be awarded.

Ohio Fire Executive (OFE) Alumni Association Scholarship

The Ohio Fire Executive Alumni Association, under the guidance of the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation, supports the Ohio Fire Executive Program and its graduates. As such, the OFE Alumni Association funds a scholarship to a student in financial need pursuing certification as an Ohio Fire Executive. Total award is $1,500, payable in $300 increments a session over the 2.5 year program. Future award payments are contingent upon the student’s continued academic good-standing in the OFE program. Use this scholarship application to apply: OFE Scholarship Application.

Southwest Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,000 and will be awarded to a member or employee of a Fire Department in the Southwest District. This scholarship is based upon financial need and may be utilized for any program provided by the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation (e.g. Ohio Fire Executive, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, Maxwell, etc.) or for tuition to a college or university for the pursuit of a degree in Fire Science or Administration.  Priority for the award will be made for applications for Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation programs.  One scholarship is available to be awarded.

VFIS Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Mr. Joseph Stewart with VFIS of Ohio to honor and assist current participants of the Ohio Fire Executive Program.  This scholarship is worth $1,500 and will be based upon leadership abilities, financial need and academic capabilities. 

Ohio EMS Grant Program

Do you want to send a member of your fire department to the Ohio Fire Executive program but need help to pay for it?  The Ohio EMS grant program has funds that may be used for OFE tuition. Refer to Item Code T185. Funds can be used to cover the cost of tuition only; no room or board. The current tuition portion of the program is $737.80. To apply, click on: EMS Grant Opportunities.

Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation Memorial Scholarship 

The OFESF Memorial Scholarship is now available for OFCA members. Click here for the application.

This scholarship must be used toward the Ohio Fire & Rescue Officer Development Conference, or the Winter Symposium, registration costs.

Scholarships are open to members of the OFCA. The scholarship is intended for those who are first time attendees of the event(s) at a department with limited budgets. Please submit any necessary documents, such as proof of budgetary needs, along with the scholarship form. 

Please remit the application to:
Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation Memorial Scholarship
450 W. Wilson Bridge Road, Suite 150
Worthington, Ohio 43085