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Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation


The Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a new (by invitation only) Fellows Program.

The invitation to become a Fellow will be extended to those who have achieved the highest standards in the fire service. They are honest, trustworthy, dedicated, inspirational, loyal, brave, respected, knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, thrifty, reverent, ethical, moral, distinguished, skillful, still learning and reliable. They are held in the highest esteem by their colleagues.

A Fellows Pledge will allow the Foundation to continue to do important work such as the OFE Program. 

Charter Fellows were recognized at the 2010 annual conference and new Fellows will be honored annually thereafter.

Charter Fellows

Ret. Chief Glenn E. Alexander

Ret. Chief John Bernans, Jr. Ret. Chief Trish Brooks, OFE
Ret. Chief George D. Brown, OFE Ret. Chief R. Stanley Crosley Ret. Chief Jeffrey L. Duber
Ret. Chief Larry L. Flowers Chief Brent Gates, OFC Ret. Chief Thomas J. Grile
Chief William L. Houk, OFC Ret. Chief Bernie Ingles, OFE Ret. Chief David A. Lacy
Ret. Chief Clyde McKenzie Ret. Chief Paul W. Martin, Jr. Ret. Chief Clifford L. Mason, OFE
Ret. Chief Richard C. Morrison Chief Matt Noble, OFC Ret. Chief Marvin E. Olney
Ret. Chief John D. Preuer Ret. Chief Russell C. Rife Chief William J. Shaw, EFO, OFC
Chief Scott A. Skeldon Battalion Chief Kenn E. Taylor Chief Tom Wallace
Chief R. Mike Warner, OFE Chief Porter R. Welch, J.D., OFE, OFC Chief Bill Wilkins, OFC

Class 2

Chief Rick Anderson, OFE, OFC Chief Robert Bates, OFE, MAOL Ret. Chief Mark Burgess
Ret. Chief Ted Heck Chief Ronald Hutchings (Posthumous) Chief Jeff Klein, OFE, OFC
Ret. Dep. Chief Keith Larsen Chief Mark Martin, OFC Chief Ned Pettus, Jr.
Asst. Chief Jack Rupp, Jr. Ret. Chief John Sabo Chief Douglas Starkey
Chief James Steele, OFE Ret. Dep. Chief Thomas Talcott, EFO Retired Chief Robert Troxel

Class 3

EMS Chief Andrew Baillis, OFE Chief Robert Ballentine Chief David Barnes, OFE
Chief Don Cooper, OFE Chief Barry Cousino Chief William Hursong, OFE
Chief Daryl McNutt, OFC Chief Mark Ober, OFE Chief Richard Peterson
Ret. Chief Mitch Ross Retired Chief Tom Stewart Chief Todd Truesdale
Retired Chief Jim Whitworth Retired Chief Al Woo, OFE  

Class 4

Chief Richard Braun Chief Ron Browning Chief Mark Burns
Retired Chief John Eisel, OFE Ret. Chief Melvin R. House, Jr. Chief Joseph Kitchen, OFC
Fire Prevention Chief Brandon Loboschefski, OFE, M.S. Chief Jim L. Newland Fire Marshal Rudy Ruiz, OFC
Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco, OFE, OFC Chief Paul Wright, OFC  

Class 5

Battalion Chief Christopher Grile Retired Chief Thomas Lonyo Chief Jonathan Westendorf, OFC
Chief Jerry Winkler, EFO, OFC    

Class 6

Assistant Chief William R. Anderson, OFC Chief Russell Blue Chief Christopher Haddock, OFE
Chief Robert Kidd, OFE, EFO, MPA Chief Vincent Harris, OFE, OFC Chief Deputy SFM Jeffrey A. Leaming, M.S., CFO, EMT-P
Assistant Chief Daniel Podlogar, OFC Deputy Chief Michael Ramm, OFE, OFC Chief Jeffrey W. Warren, OFE
Assistant Chief Joel Whitmore, OFE Chief Douglas Wolters  

Class 7

Chief John L. Donahue, OFC Chief Scott A. Hildenbrand Chief Jeff Kowalski
Chief Michael L. Layton Assistant Chief Chris Menapace, OFE Chief Bruce Moritz
Chief Paul Mullen Retired Chief Randy J. Pavlak Chief Bradford Shull, OFE
Chief Bruce Siders Chief John Soisson Chief Timothy J. Thomas, Sr., OFE
Chief Patrick Wambo, OFE, MPA, OFC Chief Mark Wolf, OFE  

Class 8

Chief Michael Froelich, OFC Assistant Chief Matthew Heck, OFE Chief Steve Kelly, OFE, OFC
Chief Lou Ann Metz, OFE Battalion Chief David Moore, OFC  

Class 9

Chief Steve Agenbroad, OFC Assistant Chief Will Mueller, OFE Chief Thomas O'Brien, EFO, CFO, MBA, MIFireE
Chief Jeffrey Sharps, OFE Ret. Assistant Chief David Whiting  

Class 10

Chief Timothy Berczik, OFE, OFC Chief Jeffrey Deeks, OFE, OFC Chief Andrew Heffner
Battalion Captain John King, III, MA, OFE Chief Steve Miller, OFE Chief Clayton O'Brien 
Deputy Chief Kai Rieger, OFE ,OFC Lieutenant Dallas Terrell, OFC  

Class 11

Chief Thomas Granata, OFE, OFC Chief Chad Hollinger, OFE Chief Allan Ketzell III, OFE
Chief David Masirovits, OFC Training Coordinator Johnny Mason, OFE Chief James Pantalone II, OFE
Chief Robert Allen Scott, OFE    

Class 12


Chief Dorothy Battles, OFE Chief Ethan Klussman, OFE, OFC Chief Mark Mercer, OFE
Assistant Chief Shane Packer, OFE Chief David Rea Assistant Chief Charles Rielage, III, MPA, OFE, OFO