Written Promotional Testing

Written exams can be used as the sole means of making the promotional decision or can be the first step in narrowing the candidate pool to the top contenders. The written exam can include questions where the applicant must choose the correct answer or where they must choose the correct or incorrect statement from a series of statements. The Promotional Testing Team can write the questions based on source materials collected by the team or can construct specific questions from resources provided by the department.

The service includes developing an appropriate test instrument for the levels, administering and grading it. Should any protests be submitted, they will be evaluated and a written response will be provided to you for your decision on how the protest will be handled. As part of the grading process, an analysis of the score of each candidate will be provided, broken down by candidate, by reference.

Each test will be identified by a unique number, and registration cards bearing the ID number will be provided with the tests. It will be the responsibility of the testing authority to track the identities of the candidates. An Answer Key and Protest Forms for the tests will be provided to the testing agency.

Entry level examinations are also available.

For further information, please contact:

Retired Deputy Chief Thomas Talcott
Phone: 440-487-1901
Email: talcott54@gmail.com 

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For a written examination, you may select several books from the following list of references: