The Volunteer Committee is an advocate of the Ohio Volunteer Fire Service to the OFCA by being:

  • Active with the legislature, especially with those in leadership roles
  • A clearing house for information
  • A resource to all of Ohio’s volunteer community
  • A common voice for Ohio’s volunteer fire service
  • Active in developing training, officer and leadership growth
  • Enhancing the integrity and image of the volunteer fire service

The Volunteer Committee of the Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association is working to determine how to best serve you - the volunteer fire service. We’d like to hear from you concerning the current status of your department and determine what challenges the future may hold for you and your communities. Help shape the future of Ohio's volunteer fire service. The Volunteer Committee is here to serve you. Our success depends on you!

Contact retired Chief Colin Altman at caltman800@gmail.com. 

Below are some links to resources you might find useful for information sharing:

Resource Links

National Fire Academy
National Volunteer Fire Council
NIOSH-Fire Link
Ohio Fire Academy
Ohio Department of Public Safety - Emergency Medical Services]
Volunteer Firefighter