OFCA Award Program

Distinguished Service Award Winners

The Distinguished Service Award is an honor given to an individual or group that has performed outstanding services to the Association or to the fire service in general.

2023 Chief Jonathan Westendorf, MPA, OFC, Retired    
2022 Chief Matthew Noble, OFC, Retired 2001 Chief Dale Duermit
Chief John Preuer, Retired
2021 Chief Brent Gates, OFC, Retired
Chief Melvin House, Jr.  Retired
Chief Mitchell Ross, Retired
2000 Capt. Robert B. Trieber, Retired
Chief Robert J. Weitzel, Retired
2020 Chief Paul Wright, OFC 1999 Joseph C. Stewart, VFIS of Ohio
Chief Marion "Punk" Zwiebel, Retired
2019 Chief William Houk, OFE, OFC
Chief David Lacy, Retired
1998 Chief Glenn E. Alexander, Retired
Ass't. Chief Robert J. Schwanzl, Retired
2018 Chief Larry Flowers, Retired
Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco, OFE, OFC
1997 Chief Robert Marihugh
Chief Raymond Walendzak
2017 Chief W. Parker Brown, Retired
The Dominion Foundation
1996 Chief Ronald Hutchings, Retired
Chief Richard Morrison, Retired
2016 Battalion Chief C. Thomas Beatty, Retired 1995 Chief Charles Turner, Retired
Chief William Pickford
2015 Chief Mark Martin
Chief James Whitworth, Retired
1994 Chief William Lee, Retired
2014 Chief Tom Stewart, Retired
William F. Vedra, Jr.
1993 Chief Ronald Specht, Retired
2013 Chief James B. Steele, Retired 1992 Chief Marvin Olney, Retired
2012 The Dominion Foundation 1991 Schnell-Westfall American Post 1984
Chief C.H. O'Brien, Retired
2011 Chief Trish Brooks
Chief Ted Heck
1989 Chief Paul W. Martin, Jr., Retired
2010 Chief James M. Steele 1988 Bluecoats of Summit County
Chief Thomas Grile, Retired
Chief Charles Wilson, Retired
2009 Chief William W. Wilkins 1987 Chief Robert Counts, Retired
Chief Wilbur Bills, Retired
2008 Chief John Bernans, Jr.
Chief Scott A. Skeldon
1986 Chief Jeff Duber, Retired
Chief C.H. O'Brien, Retired
2007 Chief Paul Robinson, Retired
Legislative Agent Bill Selsam
1983 Chief Frank Trempe, Retired
Chief Charles Getz, Retired
2006 Chief R. Stanley Crosley
Chief Russell Rife
1982 Box 27 Associates of Springfield Fire Dept.
2005 Chief Kenn Taylor 1981 100 Club of Cincinnati
2004 Chief Stephen Ashbrock 1980 Bluecoats, Inc. of Summit County
Chief W.H. Cheesman, Retired
2003 Chief Mark Burgess 1979 Cincinnati Shrine Burn Center
2002 Chief George Brown
Chief Tom Wallace
1978 Chief Wilber Bill, Retired


OFCA Award of Valor

The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association Award of Valor may be presented to anyone who performs an outstanding act of heroism. Any member who has a nominee for this award shall submit a nomination, in writing, to the Secretary-Treasurer. The Board of Directors shall decide if the proposal is within the intended purpose of the award and accept or reject the proposal. The type of award presented and the presentation of the award shall be determined by the Board of Directors.