Emergency Response Regions

OBJECTIVE OF THE SYSTEM: To provide all Ohio jurisdictions with a method to quickly summon additional resources to handle major emergencies when local mutual aid capabilities have been exhausted.

The Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association Emergency Response Plan partners with other state agencies to meet our life saving objective. It is a partnership with the State Fire Marshal’s Office, a division of The Ohio Department of Commerce as well as Ohio Emergency Management Agency and Ohio Homeland Security, divisions of The Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The 1990 Shadyside disaster in which 26 people lost their lives was the driving force behind the development of the ERS. The OFCA created a committee to develop the plan and on August 1, 2002 the ERS became operational.

The OFCA/ERS has been activated multiple times within the State of Ohio since its inception and although it was primarily designed for in-state response, the system has successfully provided resources for out-of-state emergencies as well. One of the more notable deployments was to the Gulf States for Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

As a testimony to the hard work and leadership provided by the OFCA and its partners, the OFCA/ERS has proven to be so successful that several other states and agencies have adopted or are in the process of adopting the blueprint of our system.


You will be asked the following:

Name of affected jurisdiction and the name of the Fire Department responsible for providing service to that community.

  1. Name of the calling agency; name and rank of the caller; call back phone and fax numbers.
  2. Incident Command.
  3. Type of emergency.
  4. Type and number of needed apparatus (i.e. 20 engines, 30 medics and 4 structural collapse teams).
  5. Location of Staging Area (use major highways that can be located on highway road maps).
  6. Type of response needed: "SCRAMBLE" (enroute within 30 minutes and be able to be on site for up to 24 hours) or "STANDARD" (enroute within 3 hours and be able to be on site for up to 72 hours).

Link to:
Emergency Response System Field Operations Guide
ERS Ohio Map
ERP Brochure


If you would like more information regarding the Ohio Fire Emergency Response System or would like for us to give a presentation to your regional or county group, please contact your regional coordinator or the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association Office at phone:  614.410.6322 or 800.347.3704.